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Installation Guide

The Google Analytics module is installed via the Module Installer on the Host->Extensions page in DotNetNuke.

Note : Requires DotNetNuke 6.2 or later

These instructions assume you have already created a Google Analytics profile for your website.

Steps for use:
  1. Download install package from the Downloads tab on this page
  2. Install to your DotNetNuke installation via the Extensions page
  3. Add 'Google Analytics' module to a page in your site. It is recommended to put it in a footer or bottom pane to keep it from breaking up the content flow in admin mode (note, regular visitors will not see the module)
  4. Click on the settings link, and navigate to the 'Google Analytics Settings' tab
  5. Enter your Google Analytics tracking number (UA-xxxxxxx-yy). This is available in your Analytics profile on
  6. Choose from the options for the remainder of the settings. The help link next to each setting explains what the options are for
  7. Switch to the 'Module Settings' tab
  8. Expand the 'Advanced Settings' section
  9. Check the 'Display Module on All Pages'
  10. Click on 'Update' when you have completed updated the settings

The module will now appear on all pages of the website, and will start tracking. If you have any page you do not wish to be tracked, simply delete the module from those pages.

This completes the setup of the module. You can go into your Analytics Account and check to make sure your Analytics account is receiving data.

For tracking of Events, please see Tracking Events.

For the addition of custom script, please see Adding Custom Analytics Script

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